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Why RVing Is More Popular Than Ever – and Why You Need to Join In

2019 Venture RV Sonic SN231VRL Travel Trailer Exterior at Campsite

Camping has always been a popular activity, but it seems that the world of RVing has been transformed into a lifestyle rather than a hobby. Some have chalked this up to RVing just having its moment. However, statistics show that the RVing culture is growing by leaps and bounds. Read on to learn about the statistics that show camping is more popular than ever and why you need to join!

2021 KZ RV Sportsmen Classic 180BH Travel Trailer Exterior at Campsite

First-time Camper Numbers Have Increased (a Lot)

In 2020, the number of first-time campers increased at rate five times that of 2019. Source

If we can learn anything from this, maybe it is just that we need to get out more! RVing is an affordable and accessible activity for all. No wonder so many people are taking advantage.

2020 KZ RV Connect C332BHK Travel Trailer Interior Dinette

Families With Children Want to Camp More

Sixty-four percent of families plan to camp even more in 2021. Source

Families are always in need of ways to grow closer, and we are excited that exploring the outdoors is a touchstone of connection for millions of families. Take your family camping and enjoy activities like fishing, campfire building, birdwatching, and more.

2019 KZ RV Connect C271BHK Travel Trailer Exterior at Campsite

Campers Are a Diverse Group

In 2020, sixty percent of first-time campers were from non-white groups. Source

We love that camping is an inclusive activity. From heading to your local campground for a weekend trip to a summer road trip to our national parks – the options are endless for everyone.

2019 KZ RV Sportsmen LE 291BHLE Travel Trailer Exterior at Campsite

RV Ownership Has Increased

Since 2019, RV ownership has increased by twelve percent. Source

There is no denying that campers enjoy access to a safe and comfortable spot to retire. RVs have also expanded to everyday living for many. RV ownership is a way to gain independence on the road.

2019 Venture RV Sonic SN231VRL Travel Trailer Interior Kitchen

There Are Over 86 Million Active Camper Households in the U.S.


The possibilities for camping are endless. Be it a solo trip, family vacation, hiking, water sports, teaching the kids about wildlife, discovering new areas, and so much more. Camping is a way to connect with nature and each other.