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KZ Encourages You to Buy Locally!

K.Z., Inc., a subsidiary of THOR Industries, Inc., (KZ) and our dealers are committed to our local communities. That’s why we promote the ‘buy locally’ program.

Local businesses are owned by folks who live in your community. They’re less likely to leave, and are more invested in your community’s future.

Significantly more money recirculates in your community.

When you purchase from a locally-owned business rather than one outside your area, your money is reinvested in your community. Locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses and service providers, and purchasing locally helps grow hometown industries.

KZ strongly encourages our retail customers to purchase from their local dealership whenever possible, due to the following factors:

Our Dealers are, as a rule, independently owned and operated businesses. Outside of the customers they personally sell products to, they are not contractually obligated to perform warranty service on KZ products that were purchased elsewhere.

Also, there may be an occasion that would require you to return to the point of purchase to satisfy certain warranty requirements. That being said, many dealerships will ultimately service products not purchased at their business, but it’s certainly best to shop and receive service locally.

Local purchases allow a customer to establish a relationship with a dealer close to home.

This relationship provides the customer with a convenient location for service and support from a home-town professional.

The opportunity for a thorough pre-delivery inspection and product orientation is an additional benefit of buying from your local dealer. Moreover, that dealer can conveniently provide refresher courses and answer questions in a much more expedient and thorough manner.

For our Canadian customers, there are also international requirements that must be met to bring an RV purchased out of the country to their home. Although not insurmountable, these requirements may involve such things as additional inspections and certifications, taxes and fees. Your local Canadian dealer is a professional at meeting these requirements.

KZ’s goal is for all RV owners to fully enjoy their camping experiences.

Please consider the advantages of buying locally when determining which product to purchase, as your local dealer is key to your ultimate satisfaction and the realization of your dreams.

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