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Must-Know Campsite Courtesies for New RVers

KZ RV Durango Half Ton D290RLT Fifth Wheel at Campsite

There are some unwritten rules that all seasoned RV owners know. However, newcomers may not be aware of these protocols and can save themselves some embarrassment if they learn them beforehand. That’s why we’ve compiled this quick list for newbies. Read on to learn about the unspoken rules all campers should follow!

KZ RV Sportsmen SE 281BHSE Travel Trailer at Campsite

Leave your campsite better than you found it

This one may seem straightforward, but many campers overlook this simple practice. You should always leave your campsite better than you found it. Is your trash picked up? Is the parking area free from debris, sticks, and large rocks? Did you dispose of the bits of plastic or eggshells in your fire pit? Doing a quick walkthrough of your campsite before you head out can save you from forgetting anything you don’t want to leave behind. Did you pack up all your folding chairs? Did you leave a roasting fork by the fire pit? This quick courtesy also makes it easier for the next camper to get settled.

KZ RV Sportsmen SE 281BHSE Travel Trailer at Campground

Don’t walk through other people’s campsites

You need to treat your campground neighbor the same as your neighbor at home. You wouldn’t just walk through your neighbor’s yard, would you? No, so don’t walk through anyone else’s campsite without announcing yourself. Stick to the designated paths and walkways within the campground. It’s always best to respect the boundaries of other campers.

KZ RV Sportsmen SE 281BHSE Travel Trailer with Camping Family

Don’t arrive too late

Setting up late in the evening can disrupt the entire campground. Other campers will be quietly gathered around the fire, putting the kids to bed or trying to enjoy a late-night snack. Pulling up to your campsite, backing in, pushing out slides, setting out mats, and any other setup activities will disturb everyone around you. Plan your trip accordingly and arrive at a time that will allow you to get organized without disrupting others.

KZ RV Sportsmen Classic 180BH Travel Trailer at Campground

Turn off your lights at night

Depending on your unit, you may have additional lights (other than the amber entrance light). Perhaps you have string lights that hang around your awning, front blue or white cosmetic lights, or intense rear lights over your toy hauler ramp. Be sure to shut these off before you turn-in for the night. These lights can flood into your neighbor’s widows and be very interruptive.

KZ RV Sportsmen Classic 180BH Travel Trailer at Campsite with Mountain Bikes

Dispose of waste properly

You must dispose of all your waste in the proper manner. For example, don’t empty your holding tanks unless you are in a designated area to do so. You should note where the campground’s designated disposal areas for gray and black water are located. You can find additional waste disposal sites at gas stations, RV parks, rest stops, and RV dealerships.