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Activities to Do While Camping, for Teens

KZ RV Activities to Do While Camping for Teens

Almost all the ideas listed in our article, “Activities to Do While Camping, for Kids” can be fun for teens to do too. Here are a few additional ideas for some activities teens might interested in:

  • Bust out the big boys. If you can, bring along bikes, kayaks, 4-wheelers, or whatever other large sporting equipment you have and plan on spending some quality time playing around on them.
  • Let your teen(s) prep and cook some of your meals. Let them get involved beyond just the helping stages.
  • Try geocaching. This is a treasure hunt that you go on, searching for hidden treasures left behind by others. By downloading an app or printing out instructions, you can follow the map and figure out the clues to find the treasure.
  • Start a journal for your camping adventures. Bullet journals are fun and popular ways for people to express their ideas and catalogue their adventures in a creative way.
  • Set up a slackline.
  • Learn and practice wilderness survival techniques.
  • Hang out in a hammock, perhaps with a good book or while listening to a podcast.
  • Learn how to whittle wood.
  • Play instruments, sing songs, and tell scary stories around the campfire.
  • Play games, like tag, murder in the dark, and capture the flag. Teens might also enjoy playing some games at night with glow-in-the-dark equipment, like playing glow-in-the-dark ring toss or frisbee.
  • Make flower crowns, if there are wildflowers nearby that can be picked. You can also weave necklaces or bracelets if you want!
  • Let out your artistic side. Paint, draw, take pictures, doodle in the dirt, do whatever you enjoy that lets your creativity flourish.