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Activities to Do While Camping, for Kids

KZ RV Activities to Do While Camping for Kids

While it’s great to have so much more free time while camping, sometimes the kids can get a little too bored. Here is a list of activities that the kiddos can do while you’re out camping (some of these are also great ideas for teens and adults, too!):

  • Have them pitch in with chores and some necessary activities, such as setting up the campsite, gathering kindling or firewood, helping to start the fire, helping to chop wood, and helping to prepare meals and snacks. Of course, depending on the task, they might need to be supervised!
  • Use your campfire! Cooking on the campfire, making s’mores, singing, telling ghost stories, and playing campfire games are some ideas for how you can entertain the kids while sitting around the warmth of the fire.
  • Play games. There are so many board games and card games out there, and often you need little to no equipment to play them! Kids can also get creative and make up their own games; the sky is limitless!
  • Enjoy nature! You’re out camping, after all! Some ideas include:
    • Scavenger or treasure hunts.
    • Turning nature into a playground (or utilizing the actual playground at your campsite, if they have one).
    • Take a hike!
    • Go swimming if there is a body of water available to use. Float around, play water games, swim laps, etc.
    • Watch things, like the clouds, birds, wildlife, etc.
    • Catch fireflies and other bugs.
    • Try to identify tracks and trails left behind by animals.
    • Stargaze, and maybe identify constellations and tell their stories.
  • Let your kids practice their photography skills. There are so many opportunities in nature to capture a beautiful moment or scene. Challenge your kids to take pictures of bugs, the view, a super tall tree, the front wheel of the RV, or whatever else strikes their fancy.
  • Read some books. If your child likes to read, don’t forget to bring along some books that they might enjoy. It might even inspire them to play games based on the stories they’re reading, or it might just give you some extra down time!
  • Audiobooks. There are some great, dramatized audio books out there by talented readers that your kids (and maybe even you!) can get wrapped up in.
  • Host an Olympic competition. Set up an obstacle course, have them compete in tug of war, compete in throwing games, you name it. Then give rewards to the winners!
  • Get crafty and creative. If you’ve brought the supplies, let your kids create to their heart’s content. This can range from creating simple drawings to tie dying shirts, making friendship bracelets, and painting rocks.

Don’t forget to leave them with some open time too! Sometimes, they just need that bit of boredom to spark their imagination. Also, don’t be afraid to borrow from this list for yourself! Getting in touch with your inner child can help you with your imagination and relaxation, too! Happy camping!