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RV Airflow System

2023 KZ RV Durango Gold G356RLQ Fifth Wheel Kitchen

Go. Camp. Live.

40% More Efficient A/C System

Enjoy faster and more efficient cooling in your RV! Now available with RV Airflow Systems™ that captures 100% of the A/C airflow.

  • Optimizes the air directed into all ductwork
  • Delivers air consistently throughout the RV
  • Reduced noise throughout the RV
  • Lowers electrical consumption by your air conditioner
  • KZ RV Cools Your Unit Faster

    Cools Your Unit Faster

    By increasing airflow, the RV Airflow System reduces the time it takes for your A/C to cool your RV, making you comfortable faster!

  • KZ RV Saves Energy and Costs

    Saves Energy and Costs

    With the improved performance of the airflow, it will take less energy to keep you cool and comfortable!

  • KZ RV Balances Airflow Throughout the RV

    Balances Airflow Throughout the RV

    The increase in airflow helps make sure cool air is distributed to the vents furthest away from the A/C!

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