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Tufflex Roofing, by Dicor Products

Dicor Tufflex PVC Roofing with Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty!

  • Tufflex Roofing Sumo Flexible
  • Tufflex Roofing Sumo Reflective
  • Tufflex Roofing Sumo Puncture Resistant


  • High Solar Reflectivity

    Tufflex’s solar reflectivity is higher than competitive PVC roofing*, and easily reflects solar heat and UV rays. Instead of entering the roof and then the cabin interior, solar energy is bounced back into the atmosphere, helping to keep your RV cool while extending the life of your air conditioner.
    *Testing performed by an independent, third-part laboratory.

  • Puncture & Tear Resistant

    Tufflex is highly puncture resistant, protecting you from campground trees, hailstorms and accidentally-dropped tools during cleaning. Tufflex is highly flexible, providing necessary ‘give’ as your RV flexes during travel. And, unlike other membranes, Tufflex is 100% PVC (without a wear layer) and will not streak, spot or chalk.

  • High Thermal Emissivity

    Thermal emissivity is a measurement of how effective a material is able to emit (give off) thermal energy. With one of the highest thermal emissivity-rated PVCs in the business, any heat that’s absorbed by Tufflex is quickly released. By contrast, something with low thermal emissivity stays hotter longer.

  • Sustainable Material

    Tufflex is the most resistant membrane in the industry, and is unaffected by virtually any substance that finds its way onto your roof. Whether it’s the stickiest sap from a tree or a more abrasive chemical, Tufflex will shrug it off and keep protecting your RV for years. When it comes to peel adhesion and tearing resistance, no membrane out-performs Tufflex. And, it’s 100% recyclable, too!