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KZ Intensifies Customer Service Focus

September 11, 2018

KZ RV Service Department Robbie McClure, Matt Deal, Paul Sawyer, Mark Ownes, Sharrita Carpenter, Delbert Miller, and Eldon Einselen

SHIPSHEWANA, IN – KZ announced this week that it has restructured its service department, dividing it into three highly-specialized teams focused on dealer service, retail service, and repairs & parts, respectively. “KZ’s sales have outpaced the market for four years now, so we’ve had to rethink and expand the way we deliver service,” said Aram Koltookian ([email protected]), president. “The idea is to provide seamless service across the board, and the new approach really gets us down to that granular level. We are absolutely invested in the three-team structure, with dedicated managers and robust staffing, so that everyone receives the excellent service they expect and deserve, every time.”

Paul Sawyer ([email protected]), Parts/Warranty manager, is responsible for dealer service. He heads up the ongoing single source initiative, with the company expected to be fully single source by year end. He communicates directly with dealers on all matters, backed by KZ warranty veterans Eldon Einselen ([email protected]) and Matt Deal ([email protected]), as well as additional support staff. Paul joins KZ with an RV production management background, as well as Lean Six Sigma training.

Robbie McClure ([email protected]) was recently named retail customer service manager. He leads a streamlined retail call-center team equipped to responsively field inquiries on topics like locating a dealer for service, out-of-warranty issues, owners manual requests, how-to questions, and much more. Robbie brings a background in RV manufacturing, with production management and sales experience.

Longtime warranty manager Mark Owens ([email protected]) serves as warehouse and service manager, and is responsible for the service department where RVs are repaired, as well as the body and paint shop. He also manages all aspects of parts shipping, including truck freight. He is focused on expediting repair work and ensuring superior quality, as well as timely parts fulfillment.

Delbert Miller ([email protected]), vice president of corporate, continues to lead the three interrelated teams, taking a high-profile, hands-on role from a new office physically located in the service building. “The new structure really frees us up to provide the kind of phenomenal service KZ is known for,” said Miller. “It just makes so much sense. Our teams are enthusiastic, empowered and ready to dig in.”

K.Z., Inc., a subsidiary of THOR Industries, Inc., is headquartered in Shipshewana, Indiana, and was founded in 1972 on the principles of quality, fairness, courtesy and integrity. KZ produces several widely-recognized brands of recreational vehicles, including Classic, Connect, Durango, Escape, Sportsmen, Sportster, Venom, and Venture RV, including Sonic, SportTrek and Stratus. For more information concerning KZ and its products, please visit and, or call (800) 768-4016.

CONTACT: Jason Overholt
Director of Marketing and Communications
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