Durango 1500 - Lightweight Luxury Fifth Wheels 2018 All-Weather Insulation Package

R-14 Fiberglass insulation is installed in the roof, subfloor, front and rear caps, and below the holding tanks.

R-24 Radiant Technology insulation is installed throughout the fifth wheel, including the roof, subfloor, below the holding tanks, front and rear caps, fifth wheel overhang and slideroom floors.

Radiant Technology combined with fiberglass insulation gives Durango and Venom the equivalent of R-38 protection in the roof, all parts of the floors, below the holding tanks, and both front and rear caps. Because most manufacturers only upgrade insulation in the roof and underbelly, and don’t upgrade the front and rear caps, subfloors, upper floors, below the holding tanks and fifth wheel overhangs, their insulation R-values are simply smoke and mirrors, and don’t really contribute to the overall comfort or security of the fifth wheel. Durango and Venom are the most completely insulated all-weather fifth wheels in the industry!

Durango and Venom sidewalls are laminated with 2-inches of solid block foam insulation, giving the sidewalls an equivalent of R-11. Some manufacturers use 1-inch foam or spun fiberglass in the sidewalls, drastically reducing the all-weather capabilities and R-values.

Two attic vents are installed in every Durango and Venom to provide vital escape routes for unwanted interior moisture, were it to accumulate during use.

All waterlines and gray water pipes are installed between the subfloor joists near the heat duct and above all of the insulation, to protect the water system from the outside weather. Most manufacturers install waterlines and drains in the underbelly, leaving the water system more exposed to the elements, easily leading to freeze up.

3" x 14" Residential-style straight inline foam core insulated heat ducting is installed in the subfloor and upper decking. This allows for maximum heat flow and distribution with minimal heat loss. Most manufacturers use either dryer vent tubing fished through the underbelly or unsealed galvanized metal heat ducts, which cause massive heat flow restrictions and heat loss in the fifth wheel.

Durango and Venom boast a directly-heated underbelly and basement. Many manufacturers state that because they have an enclosed underbelly and run their heat ducting in this area, then the underbelly must be heated by the radiant heat coming off the outside walls of their heat ducts... Not!

Some manufacturers even install fake vents or do not install heating at all, leaving the bed and bathrooms colder than the rest of the fifth wheel. Durango and Venom have direct open heat vented into the underbelly area and a heat duct in the basement storage, giving both Durango and Venom a true, heated underbelly and basement.

Water tanks in Durango and Venom are surrounded with insulation, and also include a heat duct blowing directly on them. This helps keep them from freezing in cold weather.

Durango and Venom have a fully-heated water convenience center, which includes dump valves, city and water tank connections, outside shower, winterizing system and low-point drains. All water connections, drains and valves are potential plumbing freezing points. Most competitors do not heat their water systems at all, and even leave parts of the system directly exposed to the outside weather.

Durango and Venom have 2" x 8" metal-wrapped foam core air conditioning ducting, and come standard with one 15,000 BTU air conditioner. All larger models are prepped and prewired for a second air conditioner.

All in all, this All-Weather Insulation Package makes Durango and Venom some of the most complete, extended-use fifth wheels on the market.