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KZ would like your assistance evaluating our latest concept vehicle. We created a totally new towable that recently premiered at this year’s RVX trade show in Salt Lake City, UT. This concept RV (codenamed Sonic X), started out life as a humble Venture Sonic 220VRB lightweight travel trailer. It was designed as the perfect city escape for the ultimate adventurer.

KZ’s Sonic X is loaded with technology and modern appeal inside and out, and we’d like your first impressions and thoughts on what makes sense to you and what doesn’t; what you see as a benefit or drawback when camping. Simply answer the following questions and hit ‘submit’, so we can include your thoughts as we fine-tune this trailer and make it a reality!

2019 Venture RV Sonic-X SN220VRB Travel Trailer Dinette 2019 Venture RV Sonic-X SN220VRB Travel Trailer Exterior Front 3-4 Door Side
2019 Venture RV Sonic X SN220VRB RVX Travel Trailer Floorplan

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Sonic X Features

  • Featherweight carbon fiber allows for small tow vehicles like mid-sized SUVs.

  • Secondary infinite water system filters any water source, including rivers & lakes.

  • Nearly 100-gallon massive freshwater capacity.

  • 1,000-Watt solar panels w/9 lithium-ion batteries.

  • Exterior entertainment center w/HDTV, Bluetooth, sound bar & PS4 gaming system.

  • Ultra-soft Euro-design furniture w/midnight accents.

  • LevelMate PRO leveling system (exclusive).

X-Factor Extras

  • Rear kayak rack holds up to 4 bikes on front rack.

  • Concealed wall safe, plus hidden storage for fishing poles or hunting rifles.

  • (4) Roof-mounted LED light bars.

  • Nerf bars & rock-buster skid-plate for ultimate protection.

  • Torsion axles w/aggressive off-road tires on a huck-bolted frame tackle rugged terrain.

  • TOGO app-based RV guide.


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Pick the three most important features you’d like to see on the Sonic X.

Solar Power

Water Filter & Storage

Carbon Fiber

LED Light Bar

Off-Road Package (includes torsion axles, off-road tires, skid plate & nerf bars)


Pick the three most important features you’d like to see on the Sonic X.

Euro-Designed Furniture

Wall Safe & Concealed Gun/Fishing Pole Storage

LevelMate PRO Leveling System

TOGO RV Travel Guide App

Murphy Bed

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